Saturday Night Pathfinder Season 2 (Carrion Crown)

The Second Trial

Upon their return and the collection of the information the four adventurers had gathered, it appeared their temporary split into pairs had caused something of a more lasting division within the party, Faith and Hilde being the only ones ready to approach the trial whilst Myska and Daya had other plans for their inclusion.

Daya, being content with the fate of the beast, moved on from the trial to a previously uncovered mystery down by the docks at a Chemworks run by Vorkstag, who also happened to buy the surgical tools previously found out to have likely severed the face of Lalef Duddo. She found a nice empty room within the unkempt dock buildings to watch and wait for the culprits she had in mind. 

To her distaste, she found more than one unexpected arrival. An unfamiliar face with a hauntingly familiar voice. The incredibly calm figure stood forth from a rift of bright shimmering yellow, white dove-like feathers trailing behind him as he stepped through, huge angelic wings outstretched accross the room from a highly armoured figure, clad in silver steel and lightly bronzed bird-like decor elegantly adorning him. 

He was rather relaxed, seemingly irritatingly to Daya as the strange man appeared completely oblivious to the fact he had rather loudly appeared in Daya's quiet, contemplative scouting point. With stern words she directed him away and still, very much aware his armour would give the game away in moments should he move even but an inch. 

The second visitor was expected, Lady Vorkstag approached the building owned by her husband with a singular entourage, the prosecutor of the beast. Unfortunately little was able to be gathered due to the large and feathery distraction even the patient and ever watchful inquisitor of Pharasma could not ignore as he continued to speak to her as if more than familiar. 

Once the new visitors were gone, the angelic figure revealed who he truly was, albeit in a confused and rather round-about fashion, the skeptical inquisitor not believing a word whilst her naturally inquisitive nature told her otherwise. It was a dawning truth she had not wished to believe and although attempting to repress it with all of her will it wasn't long until she realised it was all too true. Her deceased faithful fancy had returned to her.

Too distraught by the occurance of his passing, his return was without celebration, though drinking was definitely required. With a few missed opportunities and a heavier weight now on Daya's shoulders she headed back to the tavern to drink away her sorrows and hopefully a few memories. 

The Trial was far more of a success, albeit arriving in the last slither of time before the trial was brought to a close due to a lack of defendants, Hilde and Faith arrived with concrete evidence. Although showing their less than appropriate methods to the angered crowd, they were, once again, undeniable truths. The morbid reveal of the perverted return of Brother Swarm and the slight raising of one of the children, a haunting silence coated the previously incredibly loud crowd.

With the crowd flabbergasted at the evidence the sisters begun to fumble under the truth spell as the hard truth was presented to them, the prosecutor losing his eloquent way with words into a more frantic pace, stumbling and stuttering as our enchanted barrister spoke with true clarity thanks to one of the priests.

After presenting both the answers of the dead child, the remains of the lost children and the revealing of the raised brother swarm, the trail came to a close and the beast was judged innocent of this crime, leaving the party only one accusation to complete, though it was difficult to believe that the beast is truly innocent of this. 

Meanwhile Myska began to put a plan into action, having lost any dwindling belief these trials would truly set the beast free, he began to plan the beast's escape. He snuck into the prison cells during the trial and unlocked the beast's cell, tampering with it to make sure it didn't lock again before his attention was drawn to another creature in the dark.

A catfolk, sitting in his cell, watched and waited as Myska performed his act of lockpicking before he was noticed, the wolf approaching and shifting for a few brief moments, his kind having a slight kinship with the other's. After a quick exchange and a demonstration of the cat's skills, both of dextrous fingers and sassy tongue, Myska decided to help him escape so that the cat could help in return. Before long the two heard guards moving down the stairs and with a quick darkness spell Myska escaped unseen. Unfortunately the cells were magic in nature and the inmates were changed cells, the catfolk locked in several chains as Myska walked off, unaware of the failure of his plan.


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